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Fibrex and Fipec production at the factory in Köpingebro to cease

After 30 successful but challenging years on the fibre market, the production of Fibrex and Fipec at the factory in Köpingebro will now close. The notification means that 10 employees will be given notice of termination due to lack of work.

The notice and plans for closing were presented to employees on Monday. Behind the decision lies changes on the fibre market and the fact that Fibrex, despite its unique qualities and functions, has not been successful in competing with newer fibre products.

“It is unfortunate information that we give to our employees today, and we have complete respect for the feelings it causes. However, the decision is necessary. We have carried out several measures to improve profitability, but the Fibrex business has not developed like we wanted. This, together with the new conditions on the sugar market from 2017, mean that the measure is necessary to ensure the company's long-term competitiveness,” says Katarina Silfversparre, MD for Nordic Sugar AB.

Naturally, we understand that this can cause inconveniences to our customers. We will assist with our know-how, so that the phasing out will be as smooth as possible. We will supply our current Fibrex and Fipec customers over approximately the next twelve months. The entire Fibrex and Fipec product range will be available during the phasing out period,” says Jonas Hildingh, Head of Industrial Sales Sweden & Fibrex.

Nordic Sugar has summoned the unions to negotiations and will offer support measures for the affected employees in co-operation with them. Focus will lie on helping as many as possible find jobs, both within and outside of Nordic Sugar.

For additional information:
Katarina Silfversparre, MD, Nordic Sugar AB, telephone +46 40 537000
Jonas Hildingh, Head of Industrial Sales Sweden & Fibrex, telephone +46 40 537000
Mariann Mellström, Press Coordinator, Nordic Sugar, telephone +46 709 537124