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Sugar campaign begins across the Nordzucker Group

Strong yields expected for 2016/17

The Nordzucker Group will be launching this year’s campaign in just a few days. This year has once again seen the company invest sustainably in its plants, with all 13 of them exceptionally well prepared. Nordzucker forecasts strong yields across the Group and expects the campaign to be concluded in January 2017.

Once again, sugar beet plants grown on native fields will soon be processed around the clock. The Opalenica plant in Poland will set the ball rolling on 12 September, with the German plants following suit. The campaign will be up and running at all Group plants by 4 October.

Axel Aumüller, Chief Operating Officer, explains: “We produce sugar sustainably and to a very high standard. Thanks to continuous investment – EUR 82 million this year alone – we are well prepared for the upcoming campaign and are improving our efficiency level on an ongoing basis. We are also focusing on optimization of warehousing.”

Campaign to run until January
The conditions have been extremely favourable for the growth of sugar beet in the growing year to date. Although sowing was slightly delayed across the Group as a whole, plenty of sunshine and warm temperatures have helped the crops grow well.

“Beet remains an attractive crop on farms. Our aim is to work with farmers to further increase the sugar yield per hectare in order to ensure that the beet crop remains competitive over the long term in a liberalized market. We are very much on the right track in this regard,” emphasized Dr Lars Gorissen, Chief Agricultural Officer.

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Here are the start dates for the 2016 campaigns in all countries at a glance:

Country Factory Start of campaign
Germany Clauen 13 September 2016
  Nordstemmen 14 September 2016
  Schladen 17 September 2016
  Ueltzen 14 September 2016
  Klein Wanzleben 20 September 2016
Denmark Nakskov 15 September 2016
  Nykøbing 22 September 2016
Finland Säkylä 4 October 2016
Lithuania Kedainiai 15 September 2016
Poland Chelmza 15 September 2016
  Opalenica 12 September 2016
Slovakia Trencianska Tepla 13 September 2016
Sweden Örtofta 15 September 2016